Accomplishments Gas Tax Revenue: The ISATVA, in cooperation with Idaho Recreation Council, sponsored and promoted legislation to reinstate the sharing of gas tax revenues by the State of Idaho with the trails program to support snowmobile and OHV trails throughout the State. In order to meet a budget deficit, the State of Idaho had taken the money away for one year, but due to our efforts they were reinstated within a year.

DAV Ride Youth Education: The ISATVA, in cooperation with the Idaho Recreational Council, sponsored and promoted Idaho legislation that allows unlicensed youth to operate OHVs on public lands (including roads and trails). Youth are required to be supervised by an adult and complete a training course provided by Idaho Parks and Recreation. The U.S. Forest Service and BLM agreed to keep roads and trails open to youth operators with this legislation passing, otherwise those opportunities would have been lost for our youth and the future of our sport.

Hunting with OHVs: The ISATVA continues to be actively engaged in the opposition of Idaho Fish and Game rules that prohibit hunters from using OHVs on open trails on public lands. While we have been successful in narrowing the application of the rule, the rule remains and we continue to put forth pressure to eliminate or further narrow the rule’s application.

Legislation updates being monitored by the Idaho State ATV Association now pending before the 2015 Session of the Idaho Legislature. Read More!

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