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Why Join A ClubThe main driving force behind virtually every ATV area that is newly opened (or saved from closing) are well organized groups of drivers and riders. The truth is, each of us on our own doesn’t really have much of a voice when it comes to the complicated and drawn-out process of opening and saving off-highway recreation areas. But as a group, whether through coalitions, state ATV organizations or as local clubs, we have a strong unified voice that the movers and shakers in our communities tend to listen to. So all right, that’s one very important reason to join a club. However, there are many more fun aspects to signing up with "your local ATV Club."

By meeting and interacting with other local ATVers, you’ll get the scoop on all the best trails and roads in your neck of the woods, the best places to camp and the tastiest foods that are prepared. Plus, ATV clubs are always planning weekend trips with groups of people that nearly always make the driving and riding experiences more fun. There’s even the aspect of having a huge pool of off-highway information from the club members such as which aftermarket parts work best for your vehicle, who makes the best trailer, and what’s the latest hot setup for pickups and RVs.

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imageFrom our experience with literally hundreds of ATV enthusiasts over the years, we’ve found that the riders and drivers who are involved in local clubs tend to get the most satisfaction from their ATV experiences. There is however, a little of the old chicken and the egg question here which came first; do ATVers who are really crazy about their sport tend to join clubs, or are they drawn even further into the sport by joining one. I imagine the answer is it’s a little of both. But I do feel certain about one thing. Though I don’t have any statistics to back me up, from what I’ve seen over the years, ATV enthusiasts who are active in their clubs definitely seem to go riding more often, have more fun and more friends, and make an extremely positive impact on the future of their sport by always practicing and preaching impeccable off-highway ethics.

1. I will respect the rights of all recreationalists to enjoy the beautiful outdoors.
2. I will respect public and private property.
3. I will park considerately, taking no more space than needed, without blocking other vehicles, and without impeding access to trails.
4. I will keep to the right when meeting another recreationalist. Yield the right-of-way to traffic moving uphill.
5. I will slow down and use caution when approaching or overtaking another.
6. I will respect designated areas, trail-use signs and established trails.
7. When stopping, I will not block the trail.
8. I will not disturb wildlife.
9. I will avoid areas posted for the protection of feeding wildlife.
10. I will not litter and will pack out everything I pack in.
11. I realize that my destination objective and travel speed should be determined by my equipment, ability, the terrain, weather, and traffic on the trail. In case of emergency, I will volunteer assistance.
12. I will not interfere with or harass others. I recognize that people judge all trail users by my actions.

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